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Пользователь :  id 761088103942
Дата публикации :   ript nonce=
Просмотры :   k\/NMACQXUiwA0k1Mmg
Понравилось :   515
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Muhammad Mubashir
You’re really a hard worker bro❤️❤️ May Almighty bless you. Keep growing Sparsh bhai.❤️ LOVE FROM PAKISTAN 🇵🇰 PEACE ☮️
Комментарий от : Muhammad Mubashir

Nirjesh Kharel
I forget my password so restrore my iphone 6 . I was trying to bypass it by myself. I havent slept for 2 days because of this.I had already lose my hope but youtube recommend your video now i am able to use my iphone 6 .I dont know how can I thank you but you are really a legend .Thank you so much
Love from Nepal❤❤❤
If anybody is facing such problem I highly recommend you to give this method a try

Комментарий от : Nirjesh Kharel

OKB Media
Just Tech nice job.
But is this fully untethered?
I can i use sim card,make call,sms and get notifications on the phone after this bypass?

Комментарий от : OKB Media

Pierre Laurent GOUNGOULOU
Is it working on IPhone 11 Pro Max 13.5.1?
Комментарий от : Pierre Laurent GOUNGOULOU

John Marie Chua Channel
i cant install cydia
Комментарий от : John Marie Chua Channel

Old Naxits
Комментарий от : Old Naxits

I did the bypass and everything works great but on iOS 13.5.1 why is it when I turn off the phone, it does not boot up. And then when I restore it to remove jailbreak it boots up and I am locked out again. Is there any way to permanently bypass iCloud?
Комментарий от : TATER THOT

Aldo Almatin
what if my iphone basypass has lost mode status. can this cell phone be tracked / found from icloud?
Комментарий от : Aldo Almatin

Faizan Ali
Bhai it will work for 13.5.1??
Комментарий от : Faizan Ali

268 unlock
Would this work on an iphone xr
Комментарий от : 268 unlock

jordan obinna
downlload link not working
Комментарий от : jordan obinna

jordan obinna
link to dowload tools
Комментарий от : jordan obinna

Klanxa Jailbroken
is this video real
Комментарий от : Klanxa Jailbroken

Indiana Jones
can we jailbreak with linux and bypass with this.method
Комментарий от : Indiana Jones

Cris Shot
can be turned off and on
Комментарий от : Cris Shot

Mohammed Mohsin
It worked. Thankyou very much bro.
Комментарий от : Mohammed Mohsin

11 Vishal Vattimalla
Can you give me the tool link ..
Link mentioned in the description not working

Комментарий от : 11 Vishal Vattimalla

Onik Sisodiya
Will I be able to use my pendrive after the unlocking
Комментарий от : Onik Sisodiya

Daniel Kianda
Man iam from Angola and I have to say that you really helped me thank you so much.
Комментарий от : Daniel Kianda

Ankit Chaudhary
Sir .
Why is it showing error 78?

Комментарий от : Ankit Chaudhary

Arber Berisha
Hi sim card not working
Комментарий от : Arber Berisha

My ipad successfully bypass but when i turn off the device the icloud activation is show up again and bypass again i think the the apple account still there not removed. I currently finding a tutorial in how to remove and wipe all the settings of this account i need someones help
Комментарий от : MARFCAN

techtwith me
hello sir when i start the iFRPFILE Bypass iCloud program i get "The procedure entry point_p_commode could not be located in the dynamic link library c:\Users\PC OWNER\Desktop\13.5.1 & 12.4.7 iCloud Bypass tool v2.3\Resources\win-x64\idevice_id.exe." Why i get this error message? please help me
Комментарий от : techtwith me

Dr singhaal
Bro restart krne par waps se activation lock lag ja rha h
Комментарий от : Dr singhaal

Samsung Fame
In iphone 6s plus auto lock screen is not working . Tried through power button , assistive touch. Screen stays always on
Комментарий от : Samsung Fame

Chinzah Gamer
Not sapported for ipad mini 5 ios 13.5.1
Комментарий от : Chinzah Gamer

Kevin Nuñez Banderas
thank you man
Комментарий от : Kevin Nuñez Banderas

Engsecreto Onet
First off 10/10 for the videos they have helped me tremendously. I have finally jailbroken my IPAD AIR 1st gen WIFI - I am not trying to run this bypass tool. I have followed tutorial to the letter however, when I start the bypass tool it does not recognise my IPAD plugged in to the PC. It just says Please connect your iDevice to computer via USB. Can you help? - I am running 12.4.7
Комментарий от : Engsecreto Onet

SaNaUlLaH AzMi
Call,data,wifi,and etc function work hoga
Комментарий от : SaNaUlLaH AzMi

Naman Anwar
My device Iphone 7+ (IOS 13.5.1) stuck at Booting while jailbreaking through checkrain 0.10.2 by just tech. At the same time the Apple logo appear on the screen, like stuck in apple logo. Any solution !!!
Комментарий от : Naman Anwar

Futbol pasion
is Checkra1n compatible with ipad pro 12 9 2018 modell a1876?
Комментарий от : Futbol pasion

You're the best. This is the most legit thing I've seen in a long time, definitely supporting you on paypal
Комментарий от : AngelofVerdant

iloveyou brooooo

Xuân Nguyễn Đức
Successful. Many Tks Pro_ Iphone 6s + _ios 13.5.1
Комментарий от : Xuân Nguyễn Đức

How to Install
Brother my iphone is jailbroken successfully but not detected by frptool.. Whats the solution
Комментарий от : How to Install

Hacking Life
thanks 1000% working
Комментарий от : Hacking Life

Prince Tanwar
Brother after restart my iphone gone stuck on apple logo i fix that by recovering ios original rom from iTunes and again there is iCloud lock. So again i followed your jailbreak video.

Help me in two things.

How to activate iCloud after jail break.
How to safely restart my iphone after jail break

Комментарий от : Prince Tanwar

Unlock Phone
Pls find network free tools
Комментарий от : Unlock Phone

Tayyab Raja
bro how to bypass iphone xs max
Комментарий от : Tayyab Raja

you can’t jailbreak ios 13.5.1...
Комментарий от : Shadow

safae's world
A server problem is blocking Apple ID sign in cant sign in ! after bypass
Комментарий от : safae's world

Karylle may Mendoza
iPhone XS Max not supported?
Комментарий от : Karylle may Mendoza

ᎪᎡՏᎻ Devil
Will iphone 7 13.5.1 itunes patch works
Комментарий от : ᎪᎡՏᎻ Devil

ᎪᎡՏᎻ Devil
Thanks Bro Keep it upp🔥🔥🔥🔥🌠
Комментарий от : ᎪᎡՏᎻ Devil

By Yanga
Can you please do this on an iPhone 8 with iOS 13.5.1
Комментарий от : By Yanga

Cedric Marcos
help i dont have the "connect to iphone" button
Комментарий от : Cedric Marcos

A Africa271
Please help me sir ... my phone got passcode but I need unlock password and iCloud iPhone 7 but I can't upgrade iOS 13.5.1 please sir help me ... when I try update iOS then its going 36% then show error idevice restore 14
Комментарий от : A Africa271

You have been a great help I was able to jailbreak my iPhone 5s but now I need to remove icloud .phone is working perfectly fine but I can't setup my new icloud account. Any way of removing the icloud? Thanks in advance
Комментарий от : SAFARNAMA By ALI

Hacker Stash
In me it's showing right triggered
Комментарий от : Hacker Stash

or hargash
wow dude!!!! worked for me on 13.1.2! you are the man!
Комментарий от : or hargash

Merci! Sub!
Комментарий от : dasnear

Umar Farooq
iPhone XR? Please Reply
Комментарий от : Umar Farooq

Ricky Jhakrie
hai bro can i get the passwordt of wizrar pleasee of some cant help me
Комментарий от : Ricky Jhakrie

rosella maria
Sir can u help me my iphone 5s after bypass there is no signal or can not registerd to network.
Комментарий от : rosella maria

Bruno Cardenas
Комментарий от : Bruno Cardenas

Román Ojeda
Gracias hermano, una pregunta puedo descargar de la appstore o agregar una cuenta icloud??
Комментарий от : Román Ojeda

milliard alaras
Notifications and appstore work?
Комментарий от : milliard alaras

Deniz Genc
It is real ?
Комментарий от : Deniz Genc

Best Work!

Комментарий от : Stevenson

Javier Rossi
my home button doesn't works. There is another button to replace?
Комментарий от : Javier Rossi

Shaj Sha
but sim is not working
Комментарий от : Shaj Sha

we now
If I accept updates in setup after bypass the bypass will failure
Комментарий от : we now

Ameer Plays
Why i cant bypass done??? Only "process bypass icloud" 12.4 ios here
Комментарий от : Ameer Plays

Bro unable to jailbreak ios 13.5.1 iphone 6s HELP
Комментарий от : Warlord44

W.N.R.H Banten
thank,s master im done ipone 7 ios 13.5
Комментарий от : W.N.R.H Banten

Mountain Climber
It didn't support jailbreak for ios 13.5.1 its only jailbreak up to 13.5 not 13.5.1 my device on ios 13.5.1 how to jailbreak 13.5.1 for icloud by pass any solution bro ?
Комментарий от : Mountain Climber

Mauricio Snitram
13.5.1 unsupported ? help
Комментарий от : Mauricio Snitram

Konrad Plank
Just a Tech!
Nice work. Unthetered please

Комментарий от : Konrad Plank

Deepjyoti Das
O bhaiya please help kardo....mera iphone 7 plus jailbreak toh ho gya lekin call data sms kam nhi kar rha hai.... Please kaise thik karo bata do
Комментарий от : Deepjyoti Das

My Technical Tube
Checkra1n not support 13.5.1 plz help me
Комментарий от : My Technical Tube

clyde john
this bypass fix notification and cellular ?
Комментарий от : clyde john

Hello !! How can i jailbreak my iphone x with the new ios 13.5.1 ?
Комментарий от : GRADI MABELA

Down Below
D m +1929 2779019
Комментарий от : Down Below

how to remove apple id?
Комментарий от : leonard

gracias me funciono en un iphone 7
Комментарий от : Fournuvix

Arman Computer
safe shutdown requered or not please quisck fast replay thanks
Комментарий от : Arman Computer

Clark Pateño
bro after bypass then restart iphone (not springboard) stuck on activation again? is there a way to fix?
Комментарий от : Clark Pateño

All done in chekra but when i do bypass it show jailbreak not done
Комментарий от : GURU KIRPA MOBI CARE

Naeem Raza
any fix for apple logo hang after restart bypass 12.4.7 ? safeshutdown install but it poweroff due due to battry drain.?
Комментарий от : Naeem Raza

Just awesome brother.
Комментарий от : RAJJ J

Tarcisio Nascimento
Good Night friend for iPhone 11
Комментарий от : Tarcisio Nascimento

The Owl
I appreciate what you do👍👍a question!! in what program can I break find my iphone? I bought an iPhone from rag fair and is blocked. Thank you very much👍👍👍
Комментарий от : The Owl

Waheed Khan Afridi
It fix the restart problem ?(when restart phone hang on apple)
Комментарий от : Waheed Khan Afridi

I got bypass, but not work sim sms
Комментарий от : PDM s

Sim work?
Комментарий от : PDM s

Skyline Event
Thank you so much bro
I unlocked it but am facing network problem bro I insert the SIM but it's not showing anything how to slove it bro

Комментарий от : Skyline Event

Tech Click
Hi bro can u help me? What checkrain version for jailbreak iphone 5s? I always fail jailbreak it? thank u 🙏
Комментарий от : Tech Click

morteza modaqiq
sir after i unlocked my ipad now i cant sign in to another apple id , ask me 2 factor authentication, how can i fix it ? thx sir for your great videos
Комментарий от : morteza modaqiq

Ian Aday
Good day sir is this untethered sir?
Комментарий от : Ian Aday

It's me Dylan
I got a little problem. It won't let me unzip the icloud bypass tool saying two dll files are missing
Комментарий от : It's me Dylan

Technical Pindawaly
Thanks bro love u so much 😘
Комментарий от : Technical Pindawaly

Ernie Gerona
it is ukay if i turn off the phone?
Комментарий от : Ernie Gerona

Zeta Assassin
i get error -78
Комментарий от : Zeta Assassin

ssc pp
Can restart
Комментарий от : ssc pp

ania tech
Комментарий от : ania tech

abderrahman Darkaoui
It can work as an iPad mini 2 12.4.4. ios
Комментарий от : abderrahman Darkaoui

Lovers story - قصة عشاق
When the device is turned off, it does not need its first position???
Комментарий от : Lovers story - قصة عشاق

Thats genius!! So if the phone shuts down then I need to Bypass again? Thank you
Комментарий от : Nolly

Works flawlessly thanks
Комментарий от : SiRKUT

Clark Pateño
bro im stuck at right before trigger. it says checkra1n 974 blocked.for.more.than 122 seconds on iphone 5s IOS 12.4.7 ive tried only 1 option and i tried all option check
Комментарий от : Clark Pateño

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