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Один из крупнейших букмекеров 1win.ru большой выбор ставок с хорошими коэфициентами.

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Hrishikesh Roy
Guys before commenting any of your wrong or negative statements kindly go and check it's next part here youtu.be/g-3AYk8-h_4
Комментарий от : Hrishikesh Roy

Deep Ahire
Bhai translate content ko DMCA milata hai kya
Комментарий от : Deep Ahire

Sozib chowdhury
Brother do you check my one content on your plagiarism apps kindly.
Комментарий от : Sozib chowdhury

shopping net
Kya ye content rank hoga
Комментарий от : shopping net

cringe TV
or location and the proposed annual turnover will not greater than Rs. 12 lakh, then you must apply for the FSSAI Registration State License. This license is appropriate for a medium-sized manufacturer, distributor or marketer, storage unit, which is issued by the State Government. This license can be applied for a minimum duration of one year or a maximum of 5 years.

1. The FORM B requires to be submitted to the State licensing authority according to the FSS Act.

2. The application requires to have a self-attested declaration signed by the director/ promoter/owner that the unit shall conform to the Food Safety and Standards Act and follow all the rules and guidelines pertaining to sanitary and hygiene practices.

3. The required fee and documents must be simultaneously submitted.

4. There could be an inspection at the sweet store.

5. The license will be given within 60 days.

Every sweet shop must display The FSSAI License/Registration number at shop premises through Food Safety Display Boards (FSDBs).

Комментарий от : cringe TV

Babeen In Europe
It’s not work I. 2021
Комментарий от : Babeen In Europe

Sujata Tanwar
Me Roy instead of teaching how to spin a content teach how to create unique content ,I think that would be better , u r a knowledgeable person don't misguide, u know that Google could easily detect the copy or spin content
Комментарий от : Sujata Tanwar

waste of time...use quiltbotai best paraphrasing time saving free tool
Комментарий от : Azeem

Vishnu Bhardwaj
Комментарий от : Vishnu Bhardwaj

fareeha zafar
very nice
Комментарий от : fareeha zafar

Suresh Kumar K
Thank s
Комментарий от : Suresh Kumar K

Taimoor Khan
Poor technique. Senseless content
Комментарий от : Taimoor Khan

Krishno Chandra Bishwas
क्या आपको इस तरह से AdSense मिला है ??
Комментарий от : Krishno Chandra Bishwas

Kishore Chandra
Thank u for you information 🙏❤️🙏
Комментарий от : Kishore Chandra

Brother WordPress post me link ka underline kaise remove kare
Комментарий от : Desiremore

You seem to be in a lot of hurry... Go slow especially when showing the clicks
Комментарий от : R V S R V S

Vikash Gautam
Brother need a help 🙏
Delete domain site se content utha sakte hai kya

Комментарий от : Vikash Gautam

Priyanka Raj
Thankuuu so much bhahiya ...mujhe eng nii aati h isliye m content writing nii likh paati thi ..but aapki video dekhne baad saari prml solve ho gyi ..thankuuu so much
Комментарий от : Priyanka Raj

Sarfraz Alam
शार्ट कट में पड़ोगे तो ब्लॉगर कैसे बनोगे।

सहमत हो तो ठोको LIKE.....

Комментарий от : Sarfraz Alam

Jassi Sohan
Комментарий от : Jassi Sohan

Al Feroz 786
This video is spare in the 🌍
Комментарий от : Al Feroz 786

Trip&Tour World
your most vedio not work. useless channel
Комментарий от : Trip&Tour World

URP Cart
Ye aisi chindigiri aap hi karo
Комментарий от : URP Cart

Prasan Moto vlogs
Thank u so much bhai, subscribe v kardia and like v kardia
Комментарий от : Prasan Moto vlogs

Subir Banik
Not working
Комментарий от : Subir Banik

Vivekananda Institute of Yoga and Phisiotherapy
Pls answer me
Комментарий от : Vivekananda Institute of Yoga and Phisiotherapy

M.A.G VLogs
Hi, what is the cost of your online course?
Комментарий от : M.A.G VLogs

Kumar Mrigendra
You do not have a back...meaning hi change ho gyi. Do something different.
Комментарий от : Kumar Mrigendra

Rajib Billah
Thank you much sir very helpful video
Комментарий от : Rajib Billah

S Mallikarjuna
Комментарий от : S Mallikarjuna

Achyut Chutia
thank you Sir
Комментарий от : Achyut Chutia

David Aneja
Bro don't try to fool with these type fake and shortcut practices.
pehle hi mentorship ki kmi hai blogging field mein or aese methods se new bloggers ki website ka or kabada ho jana h, unsubscribing you only because of this video.

Комментарий от : David Aneja

Look 4u
Superb 👍 boss nice 👍
Комментарий от : Look 4u

Tinku jiya
Can i practice these things from smartphone help me
Комментарий от : Tinku jiya

Ambitious San
Thanks sir
Комментарий от : Ambitious San

Big Queries
Kya ye copyright to nhi hoga
Комментарий от : Big Queries

mohit sharma
Kon kon blogger h yaha pr reply me
Комментарий от : mohit sharma

manoj kumar
Bhai Google bahut smart use bevkoof Nahi banan hai
Комментарий от : manoj kumar

Hitesh Singh Kardam
You tubers logo ko galat le ja rhe he wese bhi jobs ki kami he fir kuchh log in you tubers ki video dekh kr blogging krte he fir unhe kuchh sal me milta he 🔔 Bas competition create ho rha he earning zero
Комментарий от : Hitesh Singh Kardam

Aditya kumar Singh
Kuch v bta deta h
Комментарий от : Aditya kumar Singh

Siddhartha Sandesh
Thanks sir helpful information and teaching
Комментарий от : Siddhartha Sandesh

Rajiv Gajbhiye
But you do not have a back 😂😂 wtf
Комментарий от : Rajiv Gajbhiye

munna shaikh
Roy Sir You are great..
Комментарий от : munna shaikh

sir plz share your e mail or mob no thanks
Комментарий от : privacy

dipankar mondal
danger hai bhai

Комментарий от : dipankar mondal

Prathamesh k.
ek no.
Комментарий от : Prathamesh k.

Manmeet Singh
10 Saal Purana technique Hai ,,sir 2020 chal raha hai ,,2010 nai ,,,, yeh 10 saal pehle karte Toh jarur kaam Karta
Комментарий от : Manmeet Singh

emo asr
sahi rasta batao shortcut ke chakkar mei dusre ka time kharab mat karo ... fir to tum jaise dhero hai is youtube mei.... aur delete mat karna mera comment taki dusro ka time kharab na ho
Комментарий от : emo asr

Iam Srinivaas
This is very very old trick, and won't work now.
Комментарий от : Iam Srinivaas

The Digital Monk
1st of all this is an old school technique where SEO was nothing & all sites, blogs having less competition but nowadays its totally spamming & unethical technique in Google's perspective. Okay, then what about the readers don't forget you are creating content for readers not for Google if you are using spin content and use synonyms of words then how it would be readable and good for blog readers? nowadays the Google gives priority to the readable content, not to robotic format. As a digital marketer, I personally not prefer this. It only sounds good but unfortunately not worth it. Instead of this, you can use Dutch content in modification with your own language.
Thanks hope you getting my point.

Комментарий от : The Digital Monk

Max GkTrick
Kya news content ke liye bhi process same hoga???
Комментарий от : Max GkTrick

Ramesh Mudaliyar
thanks for your video sir,..
Комментарий от : Ramesh Mudaliyar

Sib Sankar Bhowmik
Sir, I am a new subscriber. Mai is technique ko apply karke likhna start kiya hai. Abhi tak 11 post published kiya hai. Agar mera website ko Adsense approval mil jata hai to mai apko is video k comment box me inform karunga agar nehi milta hai woh bhi apko inform karunga. Mai apka bahut video dekha. You are a very good teacher.
Комментарий от : Sib Sankar Bhowmik

Naina Agrawal
I have checked the original content from this blogging website with multiple different plagiarism checker tools, without even spinning the content then also it is showing 100 % unique.... how and why??
Комментарий от : Naina Agrawal

Heavy Driver
sach me tum digital marketer ho kya?
Комментарий от : Heavy Driver

Ritesh Tayade
Isako digital marketer kisane bnaya re
Комментарий от : Ritesh Tayade

sahil b
Bro it’s not a hate comment but get this you are making bloggers via cheating in shady Hindi Jawa mein , you call this digital marketing channel but it’s a cheat channel don’t you get it most bloggers imagine and research things and come to one blog do you know how much effort it takes to write one genuine blog bro. And getting views by typing free content yeh who likh ke it’s stupid ya really stupid don’t have words seriously
Комментарий от : sahil b

Hello sir help me plz mene mobile se Amazon Affiliate account Baniya hi but jab me laptop me login karta hu too mera affiliate account show nahi ho raha, plz help me what I do
Комментарий от : KUCH BHI

Very good knowledge sir thks
Комментарий от : KUCH BHI

Dr. Prabhishek Singh
worst channel
Комментарий от : Dr. Prabhishek Singh

Dr. Prabhishek Singh
Комментарий от : Dr. Prabhishek Singh

Rajkumar Nayak
You are great sir
Комментарий от : Rajkumar Nayak

S4 school
Chutiyapa kr rha h galat bta rha h rank down hota h plz unsubscribe this channel
Комментарий от : S4 school

Rony John
Firstly - u can’t use this trick unless u personally read through the topic once again n fixing grammatical mistakes translating it from hindi to English. Google translate doesn always give u the best translation. Secondly - This s unethical. If stealing somebody’s content is termed as robbery then u r promoting it so u r equally liable for stealing. Taking inspiration from some others work is acceptable .. not stealing a whole copy as it is ..
Комментарий от : Rony John

Microtech K.V
Yes sir life changing video. thenk you
Комментарий от : Microtech K.V

Your topics always stands helpful. Thanks a lot.
Комментарий от : NALINIPRASAD DASH

JigarSinh Makwana
Pagal gya hai Banda
Комментарий от : JigarSinh Makwana

fahad desai
Sir Yaha par words ke saath meaning bhi change ho rahe hain "You may be a morny person but your Back is not" aur "You may be a morny person but you do not have a back" ka meaning bohot alag hai
Комментарий от : fahad desai

Bake Lal
Mobile se duplicate kaise karen reply please
Комментарий от : Bake Lal

99 homes
Dear hrishiji
Your vedios are valuable and useful
Keep educating us

Комментарий от : 99 homes

Av k tips
Kisi other language mai ise hum directly as it is use kar sakte hai sir
Комментарий от : Av k tips

Ali Raza
Thank You
Комментарий от : Ali Raza

Urdu Health Care
Hey should we one product or multiple products website for affiliate marketing like because it is not possible thousands of daily products on website. 2nd can we newly first day website get approved from Amazon?
Комментарий от : Urdu Health Care

Sunil Kumar Suna
Chori karna hi sikhana tha Guru ji
Комментарий от : Sunil Kumar Suna

Ankit Kharola
User is not 🤖
Комментарий от : Ankit Kharola

Ankit Kharola
Faltu hai don't use this technique, puri content ki esi ki tesi kr dia Bhai grammar naam ki bhi koi chiz hoti hai
Комментарий от : Ankit Kharola

hindi and english ek hi blog me kar sakte he kya
Комментарий от : NATURE HERBALS LIFE

Imran Ahmed
Kamal or damal kr dal ap nei.... GSM ROMEO JUTT..I like u this video....
Комментарий от : Imran Ahmed

Vinod Kumar
bhai ap sbhy apne video m dusro ka copy data ko reuse krna bta rhe ho kuchh b nya nhe hai isme
kuchh to dhng ka btao ek n ek din google ka searching engine isko pkd he lega

Комментарий от : Vinod Kumar

Sahil Sahu
Комментарий от : Sahil Sahu

Happy Birthday Greetings
This is absolutely bullshit way to creste content like this. Google is very smart they know everything. Well, thiis is called spin content👎👎👎
Комментарий от : Happy Birthday Greetings

Kuldeep Panwar
Bhai logo ache se likho.... Ye trick purani hai or bekar hai... Ye kaise youtuber hai jo itna bekar trick bta rha hai... Content is king but aase nhi banta content.
Комментарий от : Kuldeep Panwar

Harish Ali
maine try kiya tha aaisa google ne hit kar diya site down hogya..dont try this guys sara mehnat pani fer dega 😓
Комментарий от : Harish Ali

Mohammed Wasim
Bhakchodi hai bad
Комментарий от : Mohammed Wasim

Km Mk
Don't use they make fool
Комментарий от : Km Mk

Vijay AayAaN
Nice sir
Комментарий от : Vijay AayAaN

Mr Ansari
Thanks.. brother
Комментарий от : Mr Ansari

Dhiraj Kumar
Hats off to you sir... Tusi great ho...
Sorry age nhi likh skta 😜
But you are great. Thnak you for sharing the idea.

Комментарий от : Dhiraj Kumar

Vinod S
I have tried, but in some sentence meaning has changed. Then i need to correct it again, spelling and grammar mistakes also there. But it's good for beginners. Nice tutorial. I like your videos...
Комментарий от : Vinod S

Ye method fazool hai
Комментарий от : chooseydeals

Pankaj Bhardwaj
Ye mujhe 8 month pahle hi pata tha aj koi nhi baat nhi he
Комментарий от : Pankaj Bhardwaj

Pak Fancy hens
very honest person roy sir
Комментарий от : Pak Fancy hens

Siba sankar Panda
Waooo what a idia sir ji Thank you so much giving such typ of information
Комментарий от : Siba sankar Panda

amarjeetsingh bhogal
Комментарий от : amarjeetsingh bhogal

Global Village
Chuitiya ban raha hai
Комментарий от : Global Village

Amazing Earth
It is not going to happen... Google knows it already... Google AI is very strong....
Комментарий от : Amazing Earth

Ankit Sachan
Mlogo ka bewakoof bna RHA h. Jo newbies h wo log iski vedeo like kro. Or use follow kro Google synonyms bhi samjhta hai. Aapka content rank nhi krega. Kisi bhi ache web 2.o or blog me iska use mat krna.
Комментарий от : Ankit Sachan

Ankush Agarwal
Maine comment kia tha , Good Fir others comments read karne ke baad comments change kar dia, as I am new blogger
Комментарий от : Ankush Agarwal

Prignesh V
Awesome you sir thank a lot make this type of videos
Комментарий от : Prignesh V

YouTube Shorts
This man is making fool.Never follow his tricks because they are not good for your blog
Комментарий от : YouTube Shorts

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