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OK, well that cam pick up point is not where it needs to be at dead idle. That mark is to syncronize the throttle cam and carb butterfly. The carb should begin to open when the mark on the cam bisects the roller. But, again, this is not the idle speed position, the throttle cam is usually more retarded and not even touching the roller at dead idle. The black knob on the side is what sets the idle speed. Don't get too hung up on that twist grip throttle indicator, notoriously inaccurate. There is usually quite a bit of slop in the twist grip also, due to the poor design of all the plastic throttle gears/shaft, etc. New parts are very expensive.
Again, you are confused about the idle setting...That mark on the cam should bisect the roller when the carb just starts to open, but this is NOT supposed to be idle speed.... I just don't want you going crazy over something that isn't broke....Once the boat is in the water and idling at the lowest speed possible in gear, turn the black idle speed control so the plastic arm contacts the tab on the vertical control rod. This will keep the throttle from being turned below whatever idle speed in gear you have chosen/set, so the engine won't stall....D
You probably have this all set by now anyway...

Комментарий от : kramden

Chris McCartney
As already noted see Kodibas on YouTube he nevers disassembled until he has done a facts test and give motor a look over
The groaning when turning throttle is clue something needs lubricating urgently

Комментарий от : Chris McCartney

Tony Gingrich
An added note:

I don't know about the 15s. But the 9.9 and smaller engines did not have a kill switch or button. Those were designed to be killed by low-idle stall. Death by starvation, as I call it, lol. That was a common way of killing small engines back in those days. So if you have no kill button or on/off switch, then the motor is supposed to die at lowest idle.

In which case, an issue you might instead be experiencing is that the throttle drops if you don't continually hold onto the control. When you let go, it vibrates to its stalling/kill position--which is not very far from idle/run, so it's not always obvious that is what's happening. I've even had it happen while holding the control, and not perceive it due to the very small distance.

Assuming that is the case, I would consider 2 options. A: Accept it as a safety feature and just plan to maintain grip while motor is running. Or B: Tighten the throttle control joints and connections all the way back and into the motor compartment.

Комментарий от : Tony Gingrich

Tony Gingrich
The throttle cam follower is supposed to have that delayed contact at the low idle range. That was a common OMC design for single-carb engines. And the timing alignment appears correct. The lowest range of RPM is governed entirely by the timing while the throttle plate remains stationary. The cam follower comes into contact at the timing mark; and the throttle plate is active from that point upward through the rest of the RPM range.

That confuses a tradition mechanic because we're accustomed to RPM being governed by controlling the air flow. But on those motors, RPM is (at least initially) controlled by ignition timing.

Комментарий от : Tony Gingrich

Jase McCauley
You remind me of Ray Ramano LOL
Комментарий от : Jase McCauley

Quat Sino
what is the actual condition? low idle can mean many problems .. with low idle adjustment ,you will need the motor to have all of what you took off.. does it die when on low idle after about a minute .. my 73 johnson and 79 evinrude both had this problem on low idle when trolling both times .. both solved when i replaced and or rebuilt the fuel pumps .. for you to me and I've dealt with this when I bought the twofur .. bought one got the other as non runner .. tinkered around ..in motor .. nothing obvious .. then read up .. can't remember the name .. somebody's ramblings ... the tiller was out of sinc by 1 tooth .. as you at 7.04 .. BTW plenty retailers quicker and as cheap as ebay ..especially for Canadians... jeez we really need we need to get you a Canucks shirt :) that's half the problem . LOng story short check the basics first before dismantling
Комментарий от : Quat Sino

David Bragg
Do you have a link for the service manual?
Комментарий от : David Bragg

Bw Yyy
Get a flywheel puller
Комментарий от : Bw Yyy

At 5:10, What is that thing and what is it's function? Mine is broken and missing. Thanks.
Комментарий от : raybone3

Joerilla Rilla
Bro I don't understand why you're disassembling the whole throttle body when it's apparent you have a linkage that needs adjustment I watched it just to see some of the parts
Комментарий от : Joerilla Rilla

Chris McCartney
Are you certain you know what you need to remove it looks you disassembled outboard but not getting to be able to fix it ..
More diagnosis requires.

Комментарий от : Chris McCartney

Chris McCartney
Have a look at Kodibass Channel he is a JohnyRude expert. .
Комментарий от : Chris McCartney

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