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Один из крупнейших букмекеров 1win.ru большой выбор ставок с хорошими коэфициентами.

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Просмотры :   hVcD+BWirN+NZckCJQ
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What are the optimal tyre temps for each tyre?
Комментарий от : TruelloTube

Dre’s Box
What is interesting. At Watkins Glen track temp at 2pm was 130 F. Clear day. On softs 5 laps 1:44’s. Now switch to 6pm track temp 135 medium clouds. Same 5 laps. 1:43’s a second faster. Plus getting faster after 5 laps. So this matches what you experienced Jay. Now if you use time progression 30x to mimic a 24 hrs race in 4 hrs. Hards don’t get better. Stay on softs and lap times are faster. It seems time progression doesn’t have a factor on tires.
Комментарий от : Dre’s Box

Brad N
Really good vid, must have taken ages, great insight, just what I was looking for. 👍
Комментарий от : Brad N

hammer time
Tyre pressures make a huge difference on the softs getting them not to over heat and having the right setup aswel makes a big difference
Комментарий от : hammer time

Sean Marxuach
Great video. Thank you. I also appreciate your delivery style. Do you have any videos that give tips on using hard tires without spinning all over? I’m good on sorts but can’t hold grip with hards.
Комментарий от : Sean Marxuach

Off Grid Madman
Hi Jay, is this a new challenge to get on or just for the purposes of the video? Great vid mate.
Комментарий от : Off Grid Madman

andy lee
It would be interesting to see how much drop off in lap times you would get on the softs say from lap 5 to lap 10. Most lobbies i join online tend to be 7-8 laps so thats something to think about aswell. Good insight though cheers 🍻
Комментарий от : andy lee

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