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Один из крупнейших букмекеров 1win.ru большой выбор ставок с хорошими коэфициентами.

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Название :  
Продолжительность :  
Пользователь :  id 958009619872
Дата публикации :   ript nonce=
Просмотры :   CnhcUDvxQOA\/ADNcow
Понравилось :   1,314
Не понравилось :   32

Кадры из видео

Traxxas E-Revo 2.0 vs Rustler 4x4 RC Car Big Air Bash High Speed Backflips full Assault Plus Carnage, RC, RC CAR, RCCARS, TRAXXAS, RUSTLER, RUSTLER 4X4, E-REVO, EREVO, E-REVO 2.0, 4X4, OFFROAD, BASH, BASHING, BACKFLIP, BACKFLIPS, BRUSHLESS, LIPO, 6S, 3S, 4S, 2S, RC ADVENTURE, HOBBY, RC 4X4, RC TRUCK, RC TRUCKS,

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Комментарии к видео

Anthony Mendoza
Is that apple valley ca
Комментарий от : Anthony Mendoza

Jonathon Burt
Hey man great video! I was wondering what the upgrades out of the box are that you should get for the erevo 2.0. Everyone says there’s a few upgrades that are a must but never say what they are 😂
Комментарий от : Jonathon Burt

King Savage 5364
I’m dying hardly for an E-REVO 2.0
Комментарий от : King Savage 5364

james hoffman
What's your suspension setup on the Revo? It looks like it sits much higher than my stock setup and takes those landings pretty nicely.
Комментарий от : james hoffman

Stephan Schellnhammer
which one is faster?
Комментарий от : Stephan Schellnhammer

Do you prefer the E-Revo 2.0 over the Maxx? :)
Комментарий от : WillaBytes

Gabe _beve
what batteries are u using I wanna switch to lipo batteries
Комментарий от : Gabe _beve

Astro Several
What is the price for the small one
Комментарий от : Astro Several

That spot is rc heaven
Комментарий от : GSXRoyce

I’ve got to get me revo
Комментарий от : GSXRoyce

Rick Springs
My Serpent 811te would FLY out there! That location screams 1/8th and 1/5th scale!
Комментарий от : Rick Springs

The Counselors
Im in L.A., but would love to check this place out with a trip out one day - would you mind sharing where it is?
Комментарий от : The Counselors

What scale is your E Revo it looks way bigger than the wrestler aren’t they both 10th scale?
Комментарий от : 10r80_Nick

Josef Keil
Do you still have original servos?
Комментарий от : Josef Keil

Vapletrichs Gne
Did the wheel nut loosen and that broke the hex?
Комментарий от : Vapletrichs Gne

Dragos Cobalas
Great bashing! What did you do to the suspension on the revo? Looks higher than usual
Комментарий от : Dragos Cobalas

RC's Big Air
I would love to bash out there. That place is amazing. Some crazy air time too. I love both of those cars. I just found you through #traxxasfanphoto on Instagram. Liked and subbed.
Комментарий от : RC's Big Air

Raul Medina
what state are you in? awesome location
Комментарий от : Raul Medina

Rumble Dotcom
U cracking me up!
Комментарий от : Rumble Dotcom

Fred The Flippin' Puffer Fish
Sick video! What crazy bashing! The Erevo is one beast in the air!
Комментарий от : Fred The Flippin' Puffer Fish

Thorn Matthew
I put sledge hammer ties on the rustler and what a difference it made
Комментарий от : Thorn Matthew

Thorn Matthew
Stuck it right in the bush lol
Комментарий от : Thorn Matthew

Brian A
Where is this at??
Комментарий от : Brian A

Maurice Clark
I wanted more rustler time, but found out at the end. Thanks for sharing
Комментарий от : Maurice Clark

pretty nice bash site!
Комментарий от : SLO SMASH'N

Комментарий от : TRAXXAS RC Hobbies

Trafish Scot
Nice vid! Definitely looking to buy a e revo 2.0.
Комментарий от : Trafish Scot

Blazing Mining
i get stuck all the time like the erevo at 3:58 with my rustler 4x4 lol
Комментарий от : Blazing Mining

Blazing Mining
super cool!
Комментарий от : Blazing Mining

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