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Пользователь :  id 700735014958
Дата публикации :   ript nonce=
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Let's take a look at the evolution of TIRES LOGIC in GTA Games through these 4 tests! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE for much more!
Test #1: Tires vs. Bullets ------------------ 0:06
Test #2: Tires Burnout --------------------- 2:04
Test #3: Driving with popped tires --- 3:30
Test #4: Tires vs. Fire ---------------------- 4:56

Комментарий от : ENXGMA

Black Guy
You need PIT STOP when your tires broken.
Комментарий от : Black Guy

Mehmet Azad
If only gta 6 came out
Комментарий от : Mehmet Azad

Lardz Taguban
Everyone:drifty car

Dani and me:jelly drift

Комментарий от : Lardz Taguban

Miron Pro Gaming
gta 4 have the best phythycs of gta game series
Комментарий от : Miron Pro Gaming

loidyx Osnola
gta 4 is soo real if he drank
Комментарий от : loidyx Osnola

Ag Panis
Gta vice city is the first gta game to feature spike strips when 3 wanted level
Комментарий от : Ag Panis

Ag Panis
3:38 it looks like the tire didn't popped I think the wheel holder where you screw the wheel was damage and fell of the car's chassis
Комментарий от : Ag Panis

Yung Sage Gaming
Related to tires and fire, there's a really cool trick you can do in GTA V/Online: Make sure you have bulletproof tires and pour gas on the ground behind your car, then smoke your tires. If done correctly, you'll leave a trail of fire behind you
Комментарий от : Yung Sage Gaming

Комментарий от : AHYAN TAZNEEM

Filip Dusanovic
Gta IV
Комментарий от : Filip Dusanovic

Fun fact if you pop all tires in gta iv cars are faster than with tires
Комментарий от : Mr.korkiakoski

lovely ferdose
Evolution of car lights
Комментарий от : lovely ferdose

nathan hayredin
Just wasted 7 min of my day
Комментарий от : nathan hayredin

Charles Fiesta
gta 4
Комментарий от : Charles Fiesta

Satyam Gupta
Gta 4 has the best tire logic In my opinion
Комментарий от : Satyam Gupta

Boy Ngomane
hey why don't you put gta vice city story's
Комментарий от : Boy Ngomane

Nèelu Jha
Gta 4 is best in this matter
Комментарий от : Nèelu Jha

Kaveesha Vinvinu
Enxgma:- " better than real life"
Me :- Am I living in gta?

Комментарий от : Kaveesha Vinvinu

Комментарий от : SHIKHAR SHARMA

Alfred Cruz
In gta games so logic
Комментарий от : Alfred Cruz

Комментарий от : TFS PLAYER

Gta 4
Комментарий от : YoGI SiNgH YaDaV

LNER Tram70
i think someone played a prank with the san andreas fire department they swapped the water with gasoline why else did the car explode even if they were trying to put out the fire
Комментарий от : LNER Tram70

What is the music you are use
Комментарий от : STEVE GAMEPLAY

there's no perfect way to dri-

drives with deflated tires

Комментарий от : FalzeDizplay

RJ Tan
Hey dude maybe you try out lac like a gta maybe test it? Like ai logic tire logic thanks!
Комментарий от : RJ Tan

Nivaan Shanbhag
love to gta 4 and 5
Комментарий от : Nivaan Shanbhag

Hameed Khan
I am your biggest fan plzzz reply me 😭😭😭😭😭
Комментарий от : Hameed Khan

björn hamann
GTA IV and Mafia 2 most realistic Games.
Комментарий от : björn hamann

Jenson Missa
What about gta liberty city
Комментарий от : Jenson Missa

gaming_ master
Gta iv has the best physics
Комментарий от : gaming_ master

roblox noob gaming
The sports cars in gta 3 can do tier burn
Комментарий от : roblox noob gaming

Khang Dr
What song in video ?
Комментарий от : Khang Dr

Peaceful Ranger
Комментарий от : Peaceful Ranger

immanuel D Nuyad
Комментарий от : immanuel D Nuyad

1:07 this puts a smile in my face man, finally a realistic game my pc can handle
2:46 this one too
4:12 andd... this one too
6:21 obviously this one too

Комментарий от : Nutshell_Watcher

This for test homies im really sorry bout that
Комментарий от : アドリアンソルダム

Урал Хафизов

Комментарий от : Урал Хафизов

Risky Hida
that is no a like
Комментарий от : Risky Hida

Himanshu Goel
Are u an Indian ?
Комментарий от : Himanshu Goel

Vinod Solanki
If thinking that gta4 has best physics, gta5 physics is just like real life if look closeley 1:51
Комментарий от : Vinod Solanki

Barış Çabuk
Комментарий от : Barış Çabuk

Om Kherodkar
While sitting in car in GTA V use cheat (Turtle) whole vehicle will get repaired
Комментарий от : Om Kherodkar

Crazy gta 4 is better than 5
Комментарий от : XdbraGgz

Gta 4
Комментарий от : KARTIK GAMER

The memes between 5:50 - 6:06 are hilarious 🤣
Комментарий от : Vulgar.display.of.pantera

el banaban
Guy: (Ninja mode on. Mission impossible music playing)
4 seconds later..
Car: nice move dumb ass (BOOM!)

Комментарий от : el banaban

YDYJ ༒OapesZymZツ
Комментарий от : YDYJ ༒OapesZymZツ

Rodrix CG
In GTA V the wheel comes out
Комментарий от : Rodrix CG

Josh Del rosario
Gta iv
Комментарий от : Josh Del rosario

Kory Cerda
4:01 pop and controll
Комментарий от : Kory Cerda

Gta 4 and gta 5
Комментарий от : Pow1245

{R}. Xîñghã
Gta 3 has a metal tire 🙄
Комментарий от : {R}. Xîñghã

Finn The Human
Gta 4 vehicles tires was much smoker than older gta games
Комментарий от : Finn The Human

You could choose another car instead of that car because of which the homies died. RIP...
Комментарий от : Mannith GTA SA GAMER

Aakash Gandhi
GTA 4 is dad for physics in upto now GTA series
Комментарий от : Aakash Gandhi

Scorpion Skills
U r popular for ur damn funny subtitles😁
Комментарий от : Scorpion Skills

6:33 "what is he doing?"

Isint it obvious hes warming up his a$$

Комментарий от : mono

Abbas Untala
Gta 4 was the best is the best and will be the best
Комментарий от : Abbas Untala

GTA 3.Vc.Sa.0,5/100 /\GTA4 /💯/GTA5..50\100
Комментарий от : SADOKE KING

Gildasio ferreira de Souza Ferreira
Augen fala português BRASIL
Комментарий от : Gildasio ferreira de Souza Ferreira

Zilids Christos
The last GTA game was GTA 5 (2013)
Your title says 2020

Комментарий от : Zilids Christos

tamim vids
In all your videos , GTA 4 has best physics.
Комментарий от : tamim vids

Amar Ys
Комментарий от : Amar Ys

arthur llamas
first video I watched in this channel
Комментарий от : arthur llamas

Mian Muhammad Arham
You always rock bro.
Комментарий от : Mian Muhammad Arham

Lyricspin [GG]
Fun fact: gta iv has the best phisic and logic
Комментарий от : Lyricspin [GG]

William Rivera
i know you try to make IV look better then V. but it's not, just stop
Комментарий от : William Rivera

Geeta Rai
GTA 5 is best
Комментарий от : Geeta Rai

Gta 4 wins

Lazar Cosmin
gta 4
Комментарий от : Lazar Cosmin

Monish Sarvan
Gta IV has Woooow physics
Комментарий от : Monish Sarvan

O gênio Minigênio
I play vice city on my ps4 but the graphics and the buttons are the same to the ps2
Комментарий от : O gênio Minigênio

gta 4 still best gta game
Комментарий от : Redpie

like boeing747
Iv is best on me
Комментарий от : like boeing747

Krzysztof Walczak
Again gta 4 is best
Комментарий от : Krzysztof Walczak

I think that gta iv is more realistic than gta v
Комментарий от : anonymus

Kutay Atlas
GTA 4 is surprised me again
Комментарий от : Kutay Atlas

Antonio Orcesino
Forse sei italiano perché ho letto unlike
Комментарий от : Antonio Orcesino

GTA 4 : details
GTA 5 : Graphics

Комментарий от : DEEP NATION

Don Kapsalon
1:16 that guy runs for his life but takes time to give the other guy shit for hitting him
Комментарий от : Don Kapsalon

Papp Sebastian Georgian
5:40 :))))
Комментарий от : Papp Sebastian Georgian

REE-Ball 1827TTR
6:38 I died laughing “HES ON THE MOVE”
‘Car explodes’ “SHIT”

Комментарий от : REE-Ball 1827TTR

Mayank the Gamer
gta 4
Комментарий от : Mayank the Gamer

gta IV good
Комментарий от : Toprak KAHRAMAN

Ag Panis
In gta lcs tires actually pop! Or if youre in a police chase there will be a spike strip
Комментарий от : Ag Panis

Saverio Barone
If you use the flamethrower in San Andreas, you can burn tires
Комментарий от : Saverio Barone

shourya plays
Back with some cool music
Комментарий от : shourya plays

gta iv gives a physics show
Комментарий от : ꧁卄.Ҡ꧂

Sonu SV
Gta 4😎
Комментарий от : Sonu SV

Phsycho Mantis
Комментарий от : Phsycho Mantis

Sarita Kurmul
fire on the tire
Комментарий от : Sarita Kurmul

Sarita Kurmul
in san andreas the tires were damaged
Комментарий от : Sarita Kurmul

El Cyan Guy
Комментарий от : El Cyan Guy

Pratik Rai
GTA IV got the best tyres logic
Комментарий от : Pratik Rai

Delta M
Fun fact : gta 3-san andreas are the same game engine while gta 4 and 5 are two very different versions of the R.A.G.E engine
Комментарий от : Delta M

Advay Aloni
3:11 the first time he got impressed by GTA V and not GTA IV.
Комментарий от : Advay Aloni

Tony Stark
Papa Niko is unbeatable.
Комментарий от : Tony Stark

Rip groove street members you will be missed homies😭
Комментарий от : MULTI HUMAN

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