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Test #1: Tires vs. Bullets ------------------ 0:06
Test #2: Tires Burnout --------------------- 2:04
Test #3: Driving with popped tires --- 3:30
Test #4: Tires vs. Fire ---------------------- 4:56

Комментарий от : ENXGMA

chilling monkey
a gta V car with popped tires is easier to control when driving backwards
Комментарий от : chilling monkey

gta 4
Комментарий от : GANGSTAR

Ghost rider
Комментарий от : ThunderBMGO

Bryson Shirley-Besley
me when hampter
Комментарий от : Bryson Shirley-Besley

hip hop
I picked gta iv
Комментарий от : hip hop

Aayush gaming
I am good all are noobs
Комментарий от : Aayush gaming

Yogini Mom
gta 5 has a great logic
Комментарий от : Yogini Mom

~`Gacha Erien'
The guy just🖕🏻 while his driving the guy that u said he is liking
Комментарий от : ~`Gacha Erien'

Boss Gaming
Gta 4 always best
Комментарий от : Boss Gaming

Umair Khan
Комментарий от : Umair Khan

mosses kaurai
gta 4 good man bye
Комментарий от : mosses kaurai

Kamakazi attack!
Комментарий от : GamingHQ

Gta 4 is the clear winner
Комментарий от : GamingHQ

Brad Snidid
In gta 5 you can still drive with a busted tyre
Комментарий от : Brad Snidid

Malaysia ball Mapper
GTA 4 before GTA 5 gets release:


GTA 4 after GTA 5 was released:

Ah this game is so realistic
Lol gta 5 sucks Gta 4 is better

Комментарий от : Malaysia ball Mapper

Music stop😅
Комментарий от : YENİLMEZ ALİYEV

Jumpman JT
1:07and 6:39 got me weak 😂😂😂😂
Комментарий от : Jumpman JT

Grand Theft Auto IV has the best car tire physics
Комментарий от : R⃣

Liam And Lieb And Slender
driver when claude shot their tire: doesn't give a sh*t but reacts a bit
driver when tommy shots their tire: doesn't give a sh*t a bit but also reacts
driver when CJ shots their tires: much reactive
driver when niko shots their tire: much more reactive
driver when franklin shots their tire: much really more reactive

Комментарий от : Liam And Lieb And Slender

gapfm Madeira
1:40 OMG!!! kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Комментарий от : gapfm Madeira

Acer aspire - Hp nc6400 Kasiotis
I like GTA 5 more because it more real and the missions are more fun to plus the game is less bugy and Lagy and looks more clear where GTA 4 looks like it was fried in a tosta.
Комментарий от : Acer aspire - Hp nc6400 Kasiotis

Ajmal Ameer
Комментарий от : Ajmal Ameer

King Playz
1:24 i love that
Комментарий от : King Playz

Jiya Arora
gta 4 is the best game ever i have seen in my life
Комментарий от : Jiya Arora

István Kiss
Комментарий от : István Kiss

From where can i get this music???
Комментарий от : MOHD ARIF

You do so intresting and impressive task by lining up the series with comparison. Must someone suggest your videos to rockstar games, they may fill up the gaps left by mistakes in the future games.
Комментарий от : ABDUL WAJID

Santosh Mods
Gta Sa has got fire effect on tire
I have seen many times 😪❣️

Комментарий от : Santosh Mods

Gamers and crafts
I think Gta 4 is good in tyre physics
Комментарий от : Gamers and crafts

zoomer the gamer
Комментарий от : zoomer the gamer

Goldocle Plays
6:32 p o o p s o n f i r e c u t e l y
Комментарий от : Goldocle Plays

1:40 um I'm pretty sure he dropped a middle finger
Комментарий от : Youssef

130K like for the homes 😎
Комментарий от : AmongSus

sorab sharma
i like the gta 3 poped car tyre test car
Комментарий от : sorab sharma

Pavan Jeeth
Your videos have to best background music. You earned my Sub!
Комментарий от : Pavan Jeeth

Yt Projects Roblox
Can we get a rip for his giga bytes
Комментарий от : Yt Projects Roblox

D Productions
God i just wished GTA 4 gets a damn remaster, physics so fkin good and storyline so serious and deep
Комментарий от : D Productions

orthiyan world
Nice bro
Комментарий от : orthiyan world

Gia Phuc Pham
Комментарий от : Gia Phuc Pham

Комментарий от : KamenRiderBlack

Alidad Hataul
Комментарий от : Alidad Hataul

gta 3
Комментарий от : SADAF TAJBIR

omar mohamed
of course gta iv is the best physics better than gta v
Комментарий от : omar mohamed

தமிழ் Fort
Enxgma Please Do Bully
Комментарий от : தமிழ் Fort

GTA San Andreas had some pretty good logic for it's time
Комментарий от : Smoke

faridah daud
For me gta 4 is the best because of the textures and pysics and logics.i never play it before but it look good
Комментарий от : faridah daud

big smoke
3:19 4:48 6:58 thats why GTA IV is better than GTA V
Комментарий от : big smoke

Vignesh S
Gta 4 physics is well designed..
Комментарий от : Vignesh S

Gaming with Kabir
I like this dude's vids coz he gets right into it
Комментарий от : Gaming with Kabir

Edyta Suchorska
Gta 5 2013
Комментарий от : Edyta Suchorska

Unique Person
gta 4 100% has the best mechanics for shooting tires
Комментарий от : Unique Person

Gamers cubiod
GTA iv
Комментарий от : Gamers cubiod

2:18 si alguien de acá habla español o me entiende como puedo hacer eso bueno yo juego en Android no se si sea por eso que no me sale ese tipo derrape :(
Комментарий от : Cobain

Gta iv
Комментарий от : ¤BRC¤GAMING¤

Sintan Sebayan
GTA V is the winner
Комментарий от : Sintan Sebayan

Everything You Laugh
GTA 1 best xd
Комментарий от : Everything You Laugh

Nabanita Das
GTA IV have best tyre physics
Комментарий от : Nabanita Das

dude its not like its f#ck you
Комментарий от : GoldenAxel

dollynho gamer
drop a like🖕 oh👍
Комментарий от : dollynho gamer

MS Oficjalny
Gra 4
Комментарий от : MS Oficjalny

Thank you for 587K
Комментарий от : Folix1

Enne Clip
Gta4 best..
Комментарий от : Enne Clip

Faroukdarwish Gaming
Hi I'm Loka I love GTAIV
Комментарий от : Faroukdarwish Gaming

Channel by KValda
I do not like the fact that frames with black are inserted there. Although if the author is black then ok
Комментарий от : Channel by KValda

Minecraft debris
Комментарий от : MarkoGamer

Rumki Ahmed
gta 3 is best one (invincible)🤣🤣
Комментарий от : Rumki Ahmed

Roselyn Dela Peña
The background music was called inkling
Комментарий от : Roselyn Dela Peña

Black Guy
You need PIT STOP when your tires broken.
Комментарий от : Black Guy

Mehmet Azad
If only gta 6 came out
Комментарий от : Mehmet Azad

Lardz Taguban
Everyone:drifty car

Dani and me:jelly drift

Комментарий от : Lardz Taguban

Miron Pro Gaming
gta 4 have the best phythycs of gta game series
Комментарий от : Miron Pro Gaming

loidyx Osnola
gta 4 is soo real if he drank
Комментарий от : loidyx Osnola

Ag Panis
Gta vice city is the first gta game to feature spike strips when 3 wanted level
Комментарий от : Ag Panis

Ag Panis
3:38 it looks like the tire didn't popped I think the wheel holder where you screw the wheel was damage and fell of the car's chassis
Комментарий от : Ag Panis

Yung Sage Gaming
Related to tires and fire, there's a really cool trick you can do in GTA V/Online: Make sure you have bulletproof tires and pour gas on the ground behind your car, then smoke your tires. If done correctly, you'll leave a trail of fire behind you
Комментарий от : Yung Sage Gaming

Комментарий от : AHYAN TAZNEEM

Filip Dusanovic
Gta IV
Комментарий от : Filip Dusanovic

Fun fact if you pop all tires in gta iv cars are faster than with tires
Комментарий от : Mr.korkiakoski

Evolution of car lights
Комментарий от : SEH4N

nathan hayredin
Just wasted 7 min of my day
Комментарий от : nathan hayredin

Charles Fiesta
gta 4
Комментарий от : Charles Fiesta

Satyam Gupta
Gta 4 has the best tire logic In my opinion
Комментарий от : Satyam Gupta

Boy Ngomane
hey why don't you put gta vice city story's
Комментарий от : Boy Ngomane

Nèelu Jha
Gta 4 is best in this matter
Комментарий от : Nèelu Jha

Kaveesha Vinvinu
Enxgma:- " better than real life"
Me :- Am I living in gta?

Комментарий от : Kaveesha Vinvinu

Комментарий от : SHIKHAR SHARMA

Alfred Cruz
In gta games so logic
Комментарий от : Alfred Cruz

Комментарий от : TFS PLAYER

Gta 4
Комментарий от : YoGI SiNgH YaDaV

LNER Tram70
i think someone played a prank with the san andreas fire department they swapped the water with gasoline why else did the car explode even if they were trying to put out the fire
Комментарий от : LNER Tram70

What is the music you are use
Комментарий от : STEVE GAMEPLAY

there's no perfect way to dri-

drives with deflated tires

Комментарий от : Falze

Nivaan Shanbhag
love to gta 4 and 5
Комментарий от : Nivaan Shanbhag

I am your biggest fan plzzz reply me 😭😭😭😭😭
Комментарий от : HameedkhanYT

björn hamann
GTA IV and Mafia 2 most realistic Games.
Комментарий от : björn hamann

Jenson Missa
What about gta liberty city
Комментарий от : Jenson Missa

gaming_ master
Gta iv has the best physics
Комментарий от : gaming_ master

cyan boy gaming.
The sports cars in gta 3 can do tier burn
Комментарий от : cyan boy gaming.

Khang Dr
What song in video ?
Комментарий от : Khang Dr

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