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Просмотры :   zTEkMI2CNvlKtl9mqA
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Good tip from Rizzo
Комментарий от : 1BigBucks1

Molly J
This might be too big of a question, but what are the basics of editing (reality tv) to sound and music. I've seen some editors who get it and some editors who do not get it at all, and as I am started out I don't know the first thing about picking the music for a scene, adding in the effects, maybe putting in a secondary music track, etc. Love your videos btw, super helpful for a newbie :)
Комментарий от : Molly J

Machine Gurus
Brilliant work as ever !
Комментарий от : Machine Gurus

Rahmat Ramadhan
can we add transitions only for alpha clips? I tried it but unfortunately the transition also affects the clip below
Комментарий от : Rahmat Ramadhan

Christian Collins
Thanks for this man, always look foward to this tips straight to point...help me know how to make an effect or transition not affect the lower tracks
Комментарий от : Christian Collins

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