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Do not Buy RCA/AV To HDMI Cable

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Информация о видео Do not Buy RCA/AV To HDMI Cable

Название :  Do not Buy RCA/AV To HDMI Cable
Продолжительность :  
Пользователь :  id 780597989681
Дата публикации :   20201125
Просмотры :   g({
Понравилось :   1,171
Не понравилось :   41

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Описание к видео Do not Buy RCA/AV To HDMI Cable

Комментарии к видео Do not Buy RCA/AV To HDMI Cable

Carlos Ferns
Hi Mohan, Thanks for the sharing the video, i have Sony blue ray dvd player home theater having RCA and USB port (no HDMI port), can you help me how can i connect my Home theater to smart TV and HD set top box which has HDMI port...
Комментарий от : Carlos Ferns

Cent Carts
actually you need a signal converter that converts analog to digital signal ,
Комментарий от : Cent Carts

Thanks bro
Can u please help me out
My TV doesn't have hdmi and I want to convert it to hdmi you said adapter is required can you please tell me what type of adapter.. 🙏

Комментарий от : AL-Maskari

The dirt Boys
To late I got it but already returned it
Комментарий от : The dirt Boys

Homses Maniac
Hi sir. The HDMI port on my LCD Tv is broken. Only avail for the RCA port. Which one should I buy?
Комментарий от : Homses Maniac

entertainment vidz
Yea I have one of those and it didn't worth shit shit I wish I saw a video like this years ago
Комментарий от : entertainment vidz

Red Green Fox
Let me guess no not enough out put or it’s one of those thing u need to do diy
Комментарий от : Red Green Fox

Cabdi Salam
Thank you sir
Комментарий от : Cabdi Salam

It probably will work if the resolution was 1024x768. Because HDMI needs a minimum resolution of 1024x768. And with no upscaling what so ever. It isn't possible :)
Комментарий от : Job

Nithin Bharadwaj.A
guys my new led 4k tv does not have av port, how to connect my set up box to tv.
can i use this av to hdmi converter.

Комментарий от : Nithin Bharadwaj.A

Shubham Sawant
Have you tried switching the RCA ports.. maybe the color coding is wrong
Комментарий от : Shubham Sawant

AetherMaster4 a.k.a. Blue Zéro
It says, that this cable is no converter. The converting process must be available on the console itself to work without a problem.
Комментарий от : AetherMaster4 a.k.a. Blue Zéro

Andre Abi Nassif
Hello. I have made a mistake by purchasing an hdmi to av converter while I needed an av to hdmi adapter. How to make my converter work?
Комментарий от : Andre Abi Nassif

Golu Kumar
Price kitna parta hai
Комментарий от : Golu Kumar

Jordan Millraney
That’s because you connected it wrong. An rca to hdmi cable is not meant to upscale rca to hdmi. How this cable works is you plug in an hdmi device first, then connect it to rca on the tv and it should work. It’s like an hdmi2av adapter but built into a cable.
Комментарий от : Jordan Millraney

lumbu mpata
My tv only has av
Комментарий от : lumbu mpata

Dixon marcel
Nice Presentation, Pls. explain how to connect a Video player to A mini Hi FI SYSTEM, via USB (I have a Hi fi system without Video input jack, but there is a USB port, support Video and audio)
Комментарий от : Dixon marcel

Thanks sir
Комментарий от : GODWIN S

ابوعبدالعزيز ا
i see like this in amazon this is chines i think...very bad product , i have one and i will not buy again
Комментарий от : ابوعبدالعزيز ا

sharad oadd
good work man
Комментарий от : sharad oadd

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