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Название :  
Продолжительность :  
Пользователь :  id 895251915698
Дата публикации :   ript nonce=
Просмотры :   jkyacC2o68glJqOtgQ
Понравилось :   835
Не понравилось :   15

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Riot Games, Riot, League of Legends, League, LoL, MOBA, star guardian, star guardian neeko, star guardian zoe, star guardian xayah, star guardian rakan, star guardian ahri, league star guardian, star,

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Rosa Landin
Комментарий от : Rosa Landin

Gavino Nogroho
Waiting for another weaboo content
Комментарий от : Gavino Nogroho

I don't understand why Rakan and Xayah are after Neeko. Shouldn't all these fey creatures be on the same side??
Комментарий от : bbqwhaaat

i just need a rakan in my life :(
Комментарий от : JonanHyden

matthew litzouw
Tbh league need to make anime series
Комментарий от : matthew litzouw

This resumes perfectly toxic teammates
Комментарий от : Lullaßy

Комментарий от : NGJ

A n i s
Комментарий от : A n i s

De Seraphine porq sim
ok bro, I just have a few things to say: I hate Xayah, just, "but why?" it's obvious man, Rakan there killing himself and healing her and she doesn't even thank him man, and other things there, but don't put hate on me no please 😔 that's just my opinion ✋
Комментарий от : De Seraphine porq sim

Okay we need an update for the starguardian story now riot.
Комментарий от : alpinesart

A Ahri já foi útil em alguma cinematic?
Комментарий от : onailuJ

Kanh Ksor
2021 vẫn xem có ai như tui k
Комментарий от : Kanh Ksor

J a e l - GG
Where can I find the animation of the Going, I want to put it as the wallpaper? :c
Комментарий от : J a e l - GG

are we gonna talk about how outplayed rakan got
Комментарий от : Brendan

John A. Taylor
La batalla de ary vs soe debe ser epica pprque no savan una serie de ellas
Комментарий от : John A. Taylor

Keven Miguel
Cadê a continuação riot?
Комментарий от : Keven Miguel

Vica Boldog
1:57 major Attack on Titan vibes lmao
Комментарий от : Vica Boldog

Pete K.
Darth Zoe’s back at it again with the whole “un-balancing stuff” theme like the in-game champion ? And Riot I mean the Starguardians would bring back balance to universe ? Ah, I see. (PS. I know I’m late. This joke came up to me when I was revisiting older Riot MVs.)
Комментарий от : Pete K.

I tell you the two most epic animator. Riot and ufotable.
Комментарий от : WARIAzer

Please RIOT, continue the Star Guadians saga with a new event and animated trailer, PLEASE! ♥
Комментарий от : Artorikus

Marie Cordeau
If some of you are interested, I'm preparing my wedding on the Star Guardian's lore, I will probably create a facebook for that ^^
Комментарий от : Marie Cordeau

Комментарий от : DMG

soundtrack de nanatsu no taizai y de shingeki no kyojin
Комментарий от : ElSateraso

I feel bad for Rakan every time i watch this
Комментарий от : kween

revin beltran
I hope they will make manga series with all the star guardians
Комментарий от : revin beltran

Why is there still no anime, for us who don't play the game but want to know about the characters and their stories.
Комментарий от : CrimsonFlower

Hiroyuki can make breakfast song and play it while you're cereal in the morning and u'll feel like you're having a meal on a supernova with Aurelion Sol.
Комментарий от : Darkin

Tali Noimann
just make a star guardian anime series already
Комментарий от : Tali Noimann

hero medley
when im listening to this the only thing going on my head is gundam and attack on titan
Комментарий от : hero medley

soo is zoe an evil character or what ?
Комментарий от : Abdulqader.A

ysmael delacruzv
Can we get this song on spotify pleaseeeeeeee
Комментарий от : ysmael delacruzv

Put this song into aot season 4 part 2 pls mappa
Комментарий от : Velvet

Anthony Pullara
Song name?
Комментарий от : Anthony Pullara

John Benedict Dela Cruz
hope Sawano would lead the music dept in the Netflix adaptation, would be epic
Комментарий от : John Benedict Dela Cruz

A Lone Spirit
"We need something which could transcend our feelings further beyond."
Riot: Hiroyuki Sawano

Комментарий от : A Lone Spirit

Alias Alias
It was a year later that I realized that I have been listening to Hiroyuki Sawano's work because of Attack on Titan. I love the artist and the singer.
Комментарий от : Alias Alias

_ dashie _ 25_
Hmmmmmm the way Xayah just left Rakan behind may give false info 0:55, makes us think she didnt care about him, but from my pov its that their love is so eternal that she doesnt even need to say thank you before going back to her target because Rakan already knows, when the ground was shattering in 2:10 Xayah jumped back for him, and in the end 3:04 she was helping him stand up, probably from the fall. Even in game they have some very sweet and unexpected lines, my fav one is: Rakan - "You know I love you right?" Xayah - "Please, what we have is greater than some human word" and i think this explains a lot lmao. Lastly, I've always wondered why their capes looks like one wing on each, theres my answer.. 3:06
Комментарий от : _ dashie _ 25_

Julia Tsang
keep coming back because the song isn't on spotify
Комментарий от : Julia Tsang

Shadow-K Yagiri
Rakkan almost dying after saving xahay: a
Xahay: bro i gonna ignore that

Комментарий от : Shadow-K Yagiri

Where's Miss Fortune?
Комментарий от : tooth656

Trọng Nguyễn
I come back for my favorite music composer:"Hiroyuki Sawano".
Комментарий от : Trọng Nguyễn

Jmed De
Why Rakan's Q doesn't push enemies like in this cinematic. It would make him feel abit complete in gameplay mechanics.
Комментарий от : Jmed De

I see reactions to this and everyone always talks about the visuals, but the music is phenomenal as well..
Комментарий от : Maaadio

Yo Soy Siberwolf
Til this day, im still thinking that this is the perfect lore for Riot to create an anime.
Комментарий от : Yo Soy Siberwolf

Teia Akana
No one:
League & Sawano fans: “ THE G A L A X Y

Комментарий от : Teia Akana

10. Bùi Thái Hân
These are so good
Комментарий от : 10. Bùi Thái Hân

New KunZ
Wait is this simps time?
Комментарий от : New KunZ

Comment for the algorithm
Комментарий от : Ersika

Mary H H
Комментарий от : Mary H H

asit kumar singh
Its giving me goosebumps
Комментарий от : asit kumar singh

Phat Le Huynh
Rakan full ap :))
Комментарий от : Phat Le Huynh

Alexandra Nagy
RAKAN BEST BOI!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Комментарий от : Alexandra Nagy

MikoArtz !
i swear i heard this song in attack on titan b4, or is that the modoma...meda? um.....um that guy effect thing
Комментарий от : MikoArtz !

Riot games. You should hire girl named wonder.
Комментарий от : Miksol320

This is like an anime battle scene, but better…
Комментарий от : Kxmvii

Nãu nevad1e
hãng anime với 200 năm cân bằng game
Комментарий от : Nãu nevad1e

York Barnes
Nerf them
Комментарий от : York Barnes

love the music, Attack on Titan prevails
Комментарий от : TheCzechAngel27

I still cry everytime ;-; what got me the most is rakan. rakan best boi all he wants to do is protect the love of his life :< ik it's supposed to be and it's what he wants but it still kinda breaks my heart to see rakan taking everything and suffering just for xayah
Комментарий от : tobiooo

Flame of Mage
I like how it's anime but it's not
Комментарий от : Flame of Mage

Zeddy THEhow?
Rakans loyalty is off the map
Комментарий от : Zeddy THEhow?

Draconic the Moe Lion
Riot, please just make a star guardians webcomic already. The fanfics are all terrible.
Комментарий от : Draconic the Moe Lion

I missing star guardian project plss bring them back
Комментарий от : Mediterranean

Akai 32
League of Legends please invest more in this Star Guardians segment. The backstory is super interesting!!! Not to mention the music for this was AMAZING!
Комментарий от : Akai 32

NG Skultron
when riot puts more effort into cosmetics (making money) than actually fixing the game
Комментарий от : NG Skultron

The Fuonk
Комментарий от : The Fuonk

The Fuonk
League of titans, Attack on Legends

Комментарий от : The Fuonk

When new Star Guardian Rito?
Комментарий от : CjNyoPagodNa

Rakan: I will protect you Xayah

Xayah: Whatever, where is neeko!!???

Комментарий от : Jablink

The fed ahri coming to save the 0/6 support neeko on the Botlane
Комментарий от : Babe

Hopefully lol does a fight with ahri n Zoe I kinda want to know if rakan n his lover r still evil
Комментарий от : starfire6789

Mix coman
هاء انا اوقف مع مين؟
Комментарий от : Mix coman

Lorneo Matthew Valenzuela
It makes it really messed up and sadder when you realize Neeko can only copy the looks of her allies:(
Комментарий от : Lorneo Matthew Valenzuela

Keenan Perkins
They should make this a full anime tbh
Комментарий от : Keenan Perkins

at 1:00 it feels like AOT vibes
Комментарий от : Giyuichi

Now if only the game itself had anything to do with the stories they tell in these videos.
Комментарий от : TheRogueX

Logan Aristizabal
Комментарий от : Logan Aristizabal

Pretty Rengar
Комментарий от : Pretty Rengar

Joshua Campos
Sett and Aphelios star guardian
Just saying

Комментарий от : Joshua Campos

Sidney Darling
Комментарий от : Sidney Darling

Ajay Che
Neeko: R
Rakan: FF 15
Xayah: Mid diff
Zoe: Report bot trol

Комментарий от : Ajay Che

Rina Chan
Это слишком хорошо
Комментарий от : Rina Chan

Has light and shadow, the sun and the moon
Комментарий от : Licolemes

KuraiHoshi Azakana
Man this has to be one of the best League of Legends cinnematic I have ever seen, absolutely astonishing!
Комментарий от : KuraiHoshi Azakana

Its 𝓶𝓪𝔂𝓸𝓷𝓷𝓪𝓲𝓼𝓮 not mayonnaise
if you read star guardian stories in the league of legends site you will notice that while Ahri is fighting. others are in pyjama party lol
Комментарий от : Its 𝓶𝓪𝔂𝓸𝓷𝓷𝓪𝓲𝓼𝓮 not mayonnaise

Miu Iruma
Okay, Sera and Gwen would fit star guardians, so Does Vex (as an accomplice of Zoe)
Комментарий от : Miu Iruma

Riot should stop developing LOL and start making anime. they'll be less buggy, less full of cheaters and totally awesome.
Комментарий от : TheIceThorn

I really wished this skinline continues with this kind of animations....
Комментарий от : William

Tyler Lillberg
Love the animation, love the action, I just wish that the game itself was just as exciting
Комментарий от : Tyler Lillberg

Safyr Stone
I miss all of them so much! I can't wait for another Star Guardian event. I hope they make this dream come true as fast as possible. I wanna know more about the old times, Janna, Zoe and Syndra. They have a big secret and I want to know what happened Riott q.q
Комментарий от : Safyr Stone

Sylferion Nightwalker
This moment when Riot Games invested more in this trailer than the Studio DEEN for season 4 of Nanatsu no Taizai.

Yea, i'm still mad.

Комментарий от : Sylferion Nightwalker

Tasty Jason
where is the anime riot
Комментарий от : Tasty Jason

i like how xayah just ignores rakans support and pushes the attack just like a real adc would do
Комментарий от : happyhourX

Комментарий от : The DHAY

the chills
Комментарий от : Kennesuu

Fae XD
Never feel bored watch League of legends cinematic with energetic song ❤
Комментарий от : Fae XD

Hometown Girl
the way I just love Zoe.. And Xayah...and Rakan...and Neeko...and Ahri...
I just stan them all 😂 the only one I can't really stand is Lux...she's a little bit to cliche for me like a all-pink-girl-who-does-only-good-and-is-always-the-best-and-doesn't-have-any-flaw...just sound like Winx or disney's old princesses
I just don't like this kind of character and I thought Arhi would be the same but she seems way more interesting, I wanna know what happened with her team and all

Комментарий от : Hometown Girl

Hoàng Nguyễn
took me a few years to notice that after Neeko climbed the stair and jumped into the light she went back to where she fought Xayah and Rakan at the start of the video
Комментарий от : Hoàng Nguyễn

Hi, fellow weebo's
Комментарий от : Akalitos

kaie Hector
i just wanna know if rakan is ok
Комментарий от : kaie Hector

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